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Studio director - somatic movement specialist

Kelly Fowler Somatic Yoga teacher

My mission is to introduce you to a Somatic way of life

by sharing this deeply peaceful and transformative practice with you.


I'd love to help you to awaken the deep wisdom of your body by inviting you to join a quiet practice where you can spend time in a state of relaxed attention.



I am passionate about Somatics, in fact I'm a complete Somatic nerd!


Imagine if you could begin to face the stressful situations in your life with greater choices.


Imagine if you could do the everyday activities that you want to do for longer & with greater ease.


Join the Somatic revolution today and begin to recognise the amazing benefits of this gentle and mindful approach in all aspects of your life.





Yoga certification
certified yoga teacher
certified yoga teacher
certified yoga teacher

This will change your life

My first yoga class felt like landing at home. I began my initial two year teacher training journey with a mentor teacher in 2000 and have been studying, learning and practicing ever since. My first teacher/mentor said "Yoga will change your life", and this has proven to be true on so many levels.

I have been inspired by my many teachers, and a little bit of wisdom from each of them is reflected in my classes today. 


A nasty injury

After being injured by a well-meaning Health Professional in 2016, I was no longer able to enjoy my traditional yoga practice. This was extremely confronting for me - a yoga teacher who was unable to even stand up straight or walk more than a few metres comfortably. 


Looking for answers

I tried everything that was suggested to me to recover from this injury, but  despite all my hard work my body did not respond. Eventually I found the answer in Somatic practices - a way to recover from my reaction to the injury rather that the injury itself by teaching my nervous system to feel safe with movement once again. 


The key to healing

The answer to healing  had been here all along - by working with my nervous system instead of fighting it: smarter instead of harder, the key was learning to develop a deeper awareness of my own unique movement patterns. My results were profound, and I would love to share this possibility with you.


A richer experience

I had been practicing and teaching yoga for many years before I discovered Somatics. I felt very connected and aware of my body and I LOVED my yoga practice. Since discovering Somatics, my yoga practice has taken on a whole new and much deeper level of interoceptive awareness. 


I'm aware of so much more subtlety in the nuances of my practice that were not within my ability to sense previously. I was unaware of what I was unaware of before discovering this deeply meditative practice. Exploring movement with a focus on curiosity can be an exciting journey of self-discovery. It allows you to tap into your creativity and gives you complete agency over your body. This sense of empowerment can be truly transformative.


Unique expertise

It's very exciting to be the first person in New Zealand to be certified in Gentle Somatic Yoga®, CEI level 3 1:1 Somatics and as a trainee Awareness Through Movement® teacher. Although I found these practices through injury, it is functional for everybody who lives in a body - who doesn't have muscle tensions?  


Maybe this practice will change your life too! 


Continuing Eduction

I am dedicated to continued education and love to share this knowledge with my students. I feel that the "why" and "how" inspires students to be more attentive and engaged with their experience with me and to let this flow into their daily lives.



Recent internationally recognised certifications and courses include:

  • May 2024 Certified trainee Awareness Through Movement®  teacher (The Feldenkrais Method®)
  • Sarah St Pierre Warren: Somatic Movement Center®  Level 3 certification 1:1 Somatics
  • James Knight: Gentle Somatic Yoga® Advanced study Levels 1 & 2 certification
  • Sarah St Pierre Warren: SMC®  Chair Somatics 
  • Sarah St Pierre Warren: SMC® Clinical Somatics for scoliosis
  • Montgomery Somatics - Restoring Postural Reflexes and Balance
  • James Knight: Developing Interoception: Creating Embodiment through Somatic Awakening
  • Kristine Kaoverii Weber: Subtle® Yoga - The Yoga and Neuroscience Connection
  • Tom Myers: Keys to building a healthy fascia: Yoga, Fascia and Movement
  • Cynthia Allen and Carol Montgomery: Integral Human Gait (The Feldenkrais method®)
  • Donna Farhi : Yoga for Lower Back Pain: Keys to Sacroiliac Stability and Ease of Movement 
  • Lillah Schwatz: Restore your Fluid Spine: Yoga for Back Care and Healthy Aging 


The power of GENTLENESS


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