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I enjoy attending the Somatics classes because it's wonderful to share such a beautiful experience with others in the room. But I have REALLY found great value in working individually with Kelly to assess and address my challenges. She is very knowledgeable about the human body, and her personal demeanor is the loveliest you can ever find. I very highly recommend anything offered at The Centered Room, but above all, the 1:1 Somatics programs are not to be missed!

Kate Blickle


I came to see The Centred room feeling a bit like I was consigned to a life of aches, limited movement and pain killers.

After only 3 sessions can certainly see the difference but more importantly feeling so much better , still work to be done but I am filled with hope and optimism.

I’m starting to feel more attuned to myself, thank you for your amazing knowledge and ability to be able to work with me and change things when they weren’t quite working for my body.

I’ve loved the informal calmness. Hard to explain what actually happened but I'm enjoying the results!

Thank you for opening my mind and body to other possibilities and messaging.



Introducing Mindfulness in everyday life ensures that you, your brain, and body all work together for daily safety and wellbeing. There are so many layers to Somatic Yoga and Kelly is astute, intuitive and empathetic to each soul in the class, with her gentle soothing words inviting us to participate.

Somatic Yoga has helped with my mental positivity and confidence, my physical wellbeing, and my personal relationships, by giving me the freedom of choice, and understanding of self. Somatics is powerful, and can become lifestyle changing if you give yourself permission to do so.



I have been going to Somatic class for 3 terms. I am in my seventies and have found the classes have had great results both physically and mentally. Can now garden for hours on end. Thank you Kelly, your classes are so soothing and gentle



Gentle Somatic Yoga incorporates therapeutic yoga and somatic movements that are slow and mindful. This practice is helping us to become more in touch with our bodies. It can also have the added benefit of increasing emotional awareness.

We have found that it is improving flexibility and posture. This is teaching us how to make changes in movement and posture which has then improved our balance and coordination.

We thoroughly recommend this approach for all round wellbeing in everyday life as it weaves in with, and improves the experience of all the things we love to do - general yoga, walking, and gardening.

G & A  


Just commenced my second term of Gentle Somatic movement – perhaps the big words that describe Somatics may confuse you. Somatics is not really like General Yoga. Somatic movement is different.

In simple terms, for me, it’s a very peaceful time out, a place to be kind to yourself and in a caring environment, to give yourself permission to work your mind and muscles as you would like.

Somatic yoga changes your thinking of how you treat yourself. After 20 years of Pilates, for me, Somatics is a lovely change up ,to care and to listen to your body. Try it, you will love it, but maybe not the first or even second class, but by the third class you will begin to understand this subtle and gentle discipline, and you will be hooked, as I am. Kelly is amazing, and you will be enriched by her classes.



I had a serious medical condition during last year's lockdown which required an emergency abdominal operation and long recuperation.

After what seemed like a long gap I was able to start my yoga practice with Kelly and she designed special programmes to assist in my recovery - I credit her with the fact that I am now able to live a normal active life.

Her Gentle Somatic Yoga is immensely restorative and no matter what state I am in before class I always finish feeling transformed and refreshed both mentally and physically.



I have had lower back issues/pain for over 40 years and have lived those years knowing that certain things I do will aggravate it and that I will spend days afterwards dealing with the ensuing pain. I have been amazed at the difference Gentle Somatic Yoga has made to my life. I will be forever grateful that I can now spend a physical day outside, come inside and with a few minutes of focused GSY techniques I can wake up the next morning with not one single twinge, ache or pain. It blows me away. I love the way we learn to relax the muscles and to retrain them to work correctly. Gentle Somatic Yoga has increased my flexibility and though I know I have a long way to go yet, I am loving the journey. I am much more conscious of muscles tensing up in daily life and can relax them when this happens. Thank you so much Kelly for your insightful knowledge and I can honestly say I really look forward to each session to see what else I can learn.



Gentle Somatic Movement is teaching me to use my own inner resources to restore and heal in a way that is both gentle and powerful. With easy, careful movements and the attitude of being kind to oneself, this is an enjoyable practice. It teaches how to use mind and body together to understand and repair longstanding discomfort and to enhance wellbeing. Gentle Somatic Yoga requires no previous skills or experience, just a curiosity and an openness to learn about the potential we each carry within us.

Alison (Age 75)

Doing Kelly’s Somatic yoga classes, I have found them to be so beneficial for my body not just during her classes but by using the techniques I have learnt in class in my everyday life by helping me to release the tension and to relax. It has really helped me to be in tune with myself and my body.



I made a special promise to myself to take just over an hour once a week to really relax and do something amazing for myself.

I can't rate Kelly highly enough. She is calm and gentle and I'm in a tiny class so its almost like one on one.

I always thought yoga was a bit trendy . This is amazing!


You can't PROCESS what you can't FEEL 

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