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What can this help with?

  • Nervous system regulation

  • Less wear and tear on your joints

  • Ease of movement

  • Increased range of movement

  • AND.....Somatics is very effective at reducing pain and discomfort from many conditions

Winter Timetable

Wed June 5 - Fri July 17   $126

* These classes are suitable for all levels.
3 class taster for new students $50


Wednesdays 9:00 - 10:30 am

Thursdays 11:00 - 12:30 pm

Fridays 9:00 - 10:30 am

"Bringing Somatics to you is my passion. These lessons are crafted from my many years of experience teaching yoga, Gentle Somatic Yoga®, Hanna Somatics and now also Awareness Through Movement® (The Feldenkrais Method®)"

A Somatic Movement lesson is a calm, intelligent, curiosity-driven experience.
 Awareness is key During a lesson you'll be invited to enact some movements and then you'll start to realise it's not actually about the movements at all; it's about your awareness of how you do the movements. It's about your movement patterns. You'll be in an environment where you can learn to notice more about how you move and think.
  Effort vs efficiency You'll be given an opportunity to start to notice the movement habits you've acquired over your lifetime and begin to feel whether you're using excess effort or inefficient patterns.


Moving smarter not harder

A private Somatics session is the fastest way to prepare you for group classes by starting the process of:

  • restoring your muscle function

  • improving your ease of movement

  • reducing your patterns of habituated muscular tension


We do this together by educating your nervous system to move and sense yourself more effectively. 

Initial consultation 60-75 mins $95 

Find out more information about session packages

Movements as connections... Instead of learning movements, we use movements in these 1 to 1 sessions to help you notice how you make connections in your body. *  Where is there effort?  * What could you do less of and still do this movement? * What muscles contract in this movement?  * Could you release these muscles slowly and consciously? Learn Pandiculation Clinical Somatics is neuromuscular education that uses the groundbreaking technique of pandiculation to retrain muscle memory and relieve tensions. Progress You will get the most out of Somatic practices by attending at least 3-6 sessions to start to notice more about how your unique movement patterns are contributing to muscle tensions.  Maintain Once you've learnt the concepts of Somatics you can maintain your new found freedom of movement by practicing at home or by joining a Somatic Movement class for further inspiration. Transform Transformations will start to happen when you take the time to slow down and notice how you do what you do.

"  I came to see The Centred room feeling a bit like I was consigned to a life of aches, limited movement and pain killers.

After only 3 sessions I can certainly see the difference but more importantly feeling so much better , still work to be done but am filled with hope and optimism" Lesley

Fusion Yoga


This is an advanced practice that requires an attitude of slowing down being very present to your bodily sensations.


The most difficult adjustment to this style of practice for most is learning to recognise the value and power of gentleness.

*These classes are limited to experienced students only. If you're looking to experience a class that's grounded in a traditional yoga lineage and enhanced with somatic enquiry (Clinical Somatics in the style of Thomas Hanna) then this fusion style could suit your curiosity. These classes give you an opportunity to learn to create a mindful practice with emphasis on what you sense and feel rather than what the poses look like.

Winter Timetable

Tue June 6 - Thur July 18   $126

* These classes are suitable for experienced students


Tuesdays 9:00 - 10:30 am

Thursdays 7:00 - 8:30 pm

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