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What you'll get

  • 6 x 90 minute sessions with New Zealand's Gentle Somatic Yoga specialist
  • an opportunity to experience this cutting-edge science-based method
  • small classes in boutique studio where everyone's experience is important
  • an opportunity to ask questions and clarify your learning
  •  tools to help you to live with more ease

Numbers are strictly limited to 6 per session so get in quick!


What our customers are saying

I very highly recommend anything offered at The Centered Room, but above all, the Somatics programs are not to be missed!

K B  (Amberley)


Look at all the benefits you could go home with...

(List from current Somatics students)

  • Somatics - for Enhancing Running; for Enhancing Swimming; for Enhancing Cycling; for Better Coordination; for Awakening the Spine
  • Unwinding tissues that are tight from repetitive use, injuries, surgery, compensation patterns, asymmetrical movement patterns and structural asymmetries 
  • Improved flexibility through joints enabling more easeful movement patterns, i.e standing up, sitting down, crouching to floor, reaching for, full body yawning!
  • Somatics is a process of a raising self awareness and awakening to unlimited possibilities for living your life
  • To create new patterns of movements to release tension
  • Enabling freedom and ease in movement on and off the mat
  • Feel and sense more of yourself
  • Improve and maintain health and well-being
  • Greater clarity in sensing, thinking and feeling
  • Discover how habitual posture can contribute to pain and limit movement
  • Learn new and easier ways to do familiar tasks
  • Improve balance, increase flexibility and co-ordination
  • Breathe more easily
  • Recognise and ease tension

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SOMATICS is for life!

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