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See what people are saying Boutique Rangiora yoga studio specialists in somatic yoga and 1:1 Somatics. Small personalised classes in quiet rural setting.

Enter Somatics, a whole new type of yoga which had been able to begin the reversal process of what I feared would just be my future nagging lower back, pain in my "good" knee, strange muscle problems in other parts of my body.


Somatics is very hard to explain, and even more difficult to express how simple it is and yet produces profound effects. Kelly and I have worked together one-on-one to assess my body's balance issues, areas of pain and areas of comfort. Through very small movements I can make with ease, my brain is being retrained to then reprogram my challenging areas and issues.

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FIRST learn to feel



ATTENTION IS the beginning of change


Clinical Somatics - Somatic Yoga - Fusion Yoga


1:1 Clinical Somatics, customised individual tuition or group yoga classes available

gentle somatic yoga

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"There are so many layers to Somatic Yoga and Kelly is astute, intuitive and empathetic to each soul in the class" rangiora yoga gentle yoga yin yoga loburn yoga

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Kelly Fowler rangiora yoga studio
rangiora yoga studio
rangiora yoga studio
gentle somatic mindful yoga

Can you pay attention to the initiation of the movement? How much can you notice about this? If you don’t change the beginning, you’ll end up in the same place. 

Somatics is the field of movement education that teaches you how to move well in all the activities you love to do for longer and with greater ease.

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your body speaks in SENSATION



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